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Monster Cable Products, Inc is the world’s leading manufacturer for high-end monster beats outlet and advanced consumer electronics accessories. Its products are various types of equipments for connecting sound and image, which are widely used for home entertainment, automotive, professional audio recording and so on.

    Monster Company was founded in 1979. The founder Mr. Li Meisheng (Mr.Noel Lee) was born in San Francisco, a scholarly Chinese family, originally from Hunan. He graduated from the prestigious California Institute of Technology and was employed in the U.S. National Lawrence Laboratory to study of laser synthesis, who became the enviable engineer among all Chinese families. But Mr. Li was fond of music. He was not only audiophiles, but also the band’s drummer. Outside of work, Mr. Lee would spare all his time for playing audio. He found that he could hear different sounds when the wire was connected to different tectonic speaker. From this discovery began, Mr. Lee developed a high-quality speaker cable, named “Monster” line, thus creating a new industry.
In this year of 1998, Monster spent $13 million a year in training and incentive programs for salespeople for monster beats outlet headphones . The sales staff is provided data on their performance in selling the cables and top-performers are sent on all-expenses-paid vacations. Monster also hosts its Retailer Awards at CES each year, which the Las Vegas Sun called, “one of the biggest events on the CES party circuit.”

    The invention of “Monster” line created a high-quality grade for audio wire, and gave rise to a revolutionary change in the audio market has brought. Lee had two reasons to choose the “Monster Beats” to name the product: for one thing, the wire makes its stereo sound powerful and the range broad; for another thing, its wire is a lot bigger in size than common wires. As soon as “Monster” products are available to the consumers, they instantly become a highly welcome in the headphones monster beats outlet shop.